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Marquette Companies Breaks Ground on Innovative Build-to-Rent Development in The Woodlands, Texas

Marquette Companies is excited to announce the groundbreaking of a new 300-unit residential development in The Woodlands, Texas. This groundbreaking project represents a unique approach to housing, offering a diverse range of options within a single community.

The development is strategically designed to cater to a variety of housing needs in The Woodlands, situated just 25 minutes from downtown Houston. Marquette’s Managing Director of Development, Chris Yuko, highlights the remarkable topography of the site, including rolling hills and a variety of trees, which makes it ideal for offering a mix of housing options suitable for various life stages and lifestyles.
This development will include 188 single-family homes and townhomes, each featuring three- and four-bedroom floor plans with private yards and garages. The townhomes, with sizes ranging from 1,456 to 1,581 square feet, will offer attached garages and private outdoor spaces. The multifamily component will feature one-, two-, and three-bedroom units ranging from 650 to 1,574 square feet, designed to harmonize with the architectural aesthetics of the single-family homes and the overall neighborhood.
One standout feature of this development is the incorporation of smart home technology in all residences. Residents can expect features such as smart door locks, thermostats, and IoT integration possibilities, enhancing convenience and connectivity. In addition to the individual residences, the development will provide a range of community amenities, including a clubhouse, pool, fitness center, spa with an infrared sauna, and a cold plunge pool. A park with walking paths will connect the homes to these amenities, fostering a strong sense of community.
Another distinctive aspect of this project is its dedication to preserving the natural landscape. Marquette has collaborated with design firm Kahler Slater, Montgomery County arborists, and city planners to safeguard the existing trees and forestation, making them a central feature of the community. This preservation effort, estimated to cost over $1.5 million, will save various old-growth trees, including white oaks, elms, pines, and water oaks. This focus on environmental preservation adds to the charm and appeal of the development.
Moreover, three live oaks, each over a century old, will take center stage as unique communal amenities, providing seating areas, fire pits, fountains, and outdoor dining spaces. Over 50 trees across the site have been saved, and when removal was necessary, Marquette partnered with local artisans to repurpose the wood into furniture and artistic elements for use throughout the community.
The development represents Marquette Companies’ commitment to creating innovative, community-focused living spaces. We’re proud to bring this unique concept to The Woodlands, offering luxury rentals within a well-established community that prioritizes the environment and community spirit. We eagerly anticipate the development’s progress and look forward to delivering a standout living experience to our future residents.
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