Build to Core

Marquette's acquisition team is constantly sourcing a consistent pipeline of new investments. We tenaciously ferret out only those undervalued properties that offer the most attractive potential return, while passing on many that don't.

"The Marquette formula has been successfully executed time and time again. There are certain elements that the acquisition team are always searching for when sifting through the opportunities as they present themselves."


The long-term demographic trends favor a strong rental demand that can lead to very positive results for investors:

  • The peak of the echo boomers are entering the rental market between now and 2020, and will be attracted to urban cores, transportation corridors and lifestyle areas
  • This growing rental population and a reduced supply will lead to higher rents
  • Good management and positive rent growth will generate substantial ROI growth over the hold period

Marquette's goal is to assist core Investors in acquiring properties in well-located areas, at higher cap rates, that will perform at a high level over the investment period.

These investments can be made with all cash, or there is favorable financing available with agency debt.